Welcome to the 11th International Symposium on Ferrocement FERRO-11 and International Conference on Textile Reinforced Concrete 3rd ICTRC

In June 2015 the 11th International Symposium on Ferrocement FERRO-11 in connection with the 3rd ICTRC will take place in Aachen, Germany from 7–10 June 2015 starting with the welcome reception on Sunday, 7th June 2015.

Ferrocement and textile reinforced concrete deal with similar items. Therefore the proposal for the conference is to combine FERRO-11 and 3rd ICTRC in 2015. The institute of building materials research of RWTH Aachen University (ibac) is one of the most important research institutes in Germany. Young as well as experienced scientists and industry investigators will come together and discuss new developments during the Ferrocement Symposium and the 3rd ICTRC. The latest developments concerning ferrocement and textile reinforced concrete will be discussed, and specialists in the two fields will share their knowledge and experiences offering avenues for unified treatment.  All aspects of ferrocement and textile reinforced concrete, including the reinforcement properties (metallic or non-metallic), filament properties, its bond to the matrix, new developments concerning the yarns, innovative textiles, further developments of the matrices including short fibre concretes, mechanical properties of the composite material, the load bearing behaviour of the element and the applications up to the micro-/macro-mechanical modelling – shall be presented and discussed during that conference. Apart from the basics, mainly examples of applications shall illustrate the potentials of ferrocement / textile reinforced concrete this building material. According to the questions, many disciplines of engineering sciences but also of architecture will be addressed.

You will find the current programme here

Scientific Committee

The international scientific committee is composed of the following persons:

  • Aldea, Corina, Canada
  • Austriaco, Lilia, Philippines
  • Bedoya,Daniel, Colombia
  • Bentur, Arnon, Israel
  • Brameshuber, Wolfgang,  Germany
  • Canmorano, José, Uruguay
  • Castro, Marcelino, Nicaragua
  • Chudoba, Rostislav, Germany
  • Emilio M. Colón, Puerto Rico
  • Curbach, Manfred, Germany
  • De Andrade Silva, Flavio, Brazil
  • de Moya, Raul, Dominican Republic
  • Delvasto, Silvio, Colombia
  • Djausal, Anshori, Indonesia
  • Dubey,Ashish, USA
  • Garcia, David, Spain
  • Garmendia, Leire, Spain
  • Gopinath, Smitha, India
  • Gries, Thomas, Germany
  • Guerra, Antonio, Dominican Republic
  • Guettu, Ravindra, India
  • Hamelin, Patrice, France
  • Hanai, Joao Bento, Brazil
  • Hegger, Josef, Germany
  • Jesse, Frank, Germany
  • Jones, John, U.S.A
  • Kiattikomol, K., Tailandia
  • Mäder, Edith, Germany
  • Malaga, Katharina, Sweden
  • Martirena,Fernando, Cuba
  • Mechtcherine, Victor, Germany
  • Melo, Antonio, Spain
  • Milenkovic, Milenko, Serbia
  • Mobasher, Barzin, USA
  • Moreno, Paul, Ecuador
  • Naaman, Antoine, USA
  • Nanni, Antonio, USA
  • Nimityogskul, Pichai, Tailandia
  • Ohama, Y. Japan
  • Papanicolaou, Catherine, Greece
  • Paramasivam, P., Singapore
  • Peled,  Alva, Israel
  • Quiñones, Javier, Guatemala
  • Reinhardt,Hans-Wolf, Germany
  • Rhyner, Kurt, Switzerland
  • Sayamipuk, Sun, Thailand
  • Shah, Surendra, USA
  • Sherif, C., Germany
  • Si Larbi, Amir, France
  • Taerwe, Luc, Belgium
  • Tan, Kiang Hwee, Singapur
  • Tatsa,Elisha, Israel
  • Toledo Filho, Romildo, Brazil
  • Triantafillou, Thanasis, Greece
  • Uomoto, T. Japan
  • Vázquez, José, Mexico
  • Waldslagel, Owen, USA
  • Wastiels, Jan, Belgium

Social events during the conference will be organized like a conference dinner in the ballroom of the old cure house on Monday. Besides there will be a programme for participants and accompaniments. The programme also depends on what events are being offered at this time in Aachen and surroundings.

The organising committee of the 11th International Symposium on Ferrocement (FERRO-11) and the 3rd ICTRC is looking forward to welcoming you to Aachen,
in June 2015.


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